vineri, 3 decembrie 2010


Am intrat acum pe cashium si apare urmatorul mesaj:

Dear members!

We already started our works on your favorite PTC Cashium.
We expect to make it online on Monday. Till then we will like to keep you informed about latest status.

1. Whole database compiled.
2. Reversal and chargeback data imported.
3. For each individual detailed statistics compiled.

As per result :
10,678 members in profit.
1,406 members in loss. (Includes Advertisers who are to be excluded from this list.)
Chargebacks received for about 50k $ and still growing.
Based upon above result our final strategy is decided and will be declared on Monday.

But in short :
We will not alter the management structure. That means, the membership, referral pattern will be the same.
Only little changes in price may be expected.

with kind regards

James and Ultraclix
Cashium Administration Team
Palmbux Limited

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